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Helping you find balance in the flow!

None of us at Therapy Austin blog for a living, but every once in a while we like to compose an offering that serves to inform, uplift, remind or resource you. Enjoy!

Mindfulness Mondays: Victorious Breath
Join Therapy Austin therapist, Cartelia, for a breathing exercise to help increase mindfulness and ground yourself to start your week.
Mindfulness Monday: 5 Senses Game
Welcome to our Mindfulness Monday series where we learn tips for grounding and mindfulness from Therapy Austin therapists. Join our counselor Molly Mayberry, LCSW, practice the 5 Senses Game. This grounding exercise is a great way to regulate yourself and bring yourself back into the present when you feel out of control.
The Gift of Receiving
When was the last time you really received something? And I mean that in the truest sense of the word: intentionally opened yourself to a particular sensation, feeling, expression, or experience? It doesn’t come easy for many of us. So often we let the opportunity to receive pass us by, or we even actively push it away. How many times have you responded to someone thanking you by quickly saying, “No problem”? There isn’t something wrong with that response, but it’s worth acknowledging that it sh...
A Light in the Dark
Don’t worry. This isn’t a post on positive thinking, or how to find the silver lining in your heartbreak or crisis or tragedy. I’m not saying that silver linings are nonexistent, but it’s certainly the last thing we want or need to hear when we are suffering. This is a post on remembering the goodness life offers us, because you are inherently good and deserving of life’s goodness, no matter how much it feels like you are getting the opposite message. Gratitude is the act of remembering this goo...
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