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Our Promise to Our Community

As the pain and rage from centuries of racist-driven violence gushes out of every corner of our county, our hearts are breaking. It’s not enough to say “We stand with you,” to our counselors and clients who suffer aggression and oppression stemming from racist minds, privileged bias, and structural discrimination.

We want to be real. 

We want to be open. 

We want to create safety for our counselors and provide that to our clients. 

We want to facilitate change and healing. 

We want to look at ourselves in an ongoing way, have the hard conversations, and respond to what we learn in ways that engender more and more safety and healing.

While we wholeheartedly stand as allies with all who are challenging both the implicit and overt racism internalized in our country, if we are going to speak to it, we also need to act.

We are actively creating spaces where more productive and challenging conversations can occur — spaces where our counselors can process their personal experiences and where we can support each other while collaborating about the ways this agency can be proactive at every level. 

Our work starts now.

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