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Bethanee Tovar, LPC Associate

Accepting, Warm, Compassionate, Humorous
Personal Growth, Self-Esteem, Hurtful Parenting and Early Experiences, College and Young Adult life, Helping Helpers
Person-Centered, Attachment Based, Emotion-Focused Therapy

Jennifer Fike, LPC Associate

Trauma, Grief & Loss, Parenting, Communication & Conflict Management
Compassionate, Warm, Relatable
EMDR, IFS-informed, Emotion-focused, Attachment/IP Neurobiology

Addison Browne, LPC Associate

Shame, Anxiety, Troubled Childhood 

Friendly, Warm, and Nonjudgmental 

Parts Work, Mind-Body, Neurobiology, Trauma-Informed

Danielle Ostos, LPC Associate

Affirming, Non-judgmental, and Curious 

Anxiety, depression, and interpersonal issues 

Narrative Therapy, CBT, strength-based

Grace Turner, LPC Associate

Existential, CBT, IFS, mindfulness, and person-centered

Anxiety, Depression, Trauma, Personal Growth/Exploration, and Sports Performance

Open-minded, Humorous, Warm, and Calm

Joslyn Ridgely, LPC

DBT-informed, Emotion-focused, Neurodiversity Affirming

Understanding and changing unhealthy patterns/behaviors

Sense of Humor, Authentic, Relatable

Tara Stewart, LMSW

Nonjudgmental, strengths-based, person-centered 

Trauma, Anxiety, and Depression 

CBT, neurodevelopment, and traumatology approach to therapy

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