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Brittany Rettenmeier, LPC, NCC
Fully Licensed
Sorry! Brittany is not accepting new clients at this time.

Welcome! There are many reasons that we may find ourselves beginning or continuing therapy. Some have a clearly defined idea while others may experience a general sense of dissatisfaction. Whatever these reasons may be for you, I’m glad you’re here. Let’s explore where you’re at and what this process means to you. 

What is it like working with me?
As a person-centered therapist, my approach to sessions is warm, curious, and accepting. I value the therapeutic relationships I have with my clients and will prioritize understanding what safety and trust means to you throughout the process. I hold a supportive role in the “walk” of therapy. I will not get ahead of you nor fall behind, rather, I will walk alongside you as you hold the role of the expert in your own life. Along this walk, I hope to normalize that we are learners where we will progress, stand still, and fall back at times. All of which are normal, necessary, and can lead to better self-understanding if we open ourselves to the experience. 

What are the areas of focus/client issues I work with? 

Areas in which I have lived and clinical experience include: anxiety, depression, stress & burnout, life transition & adjustment, women’s issues, LGBTQ+ issues, and self-esteem & identity. Because our lives are rarely this clear-cut, I encourage conversation about all areas of importance and what you’re hoping to get from this experience. We will explore your current situation, recognize your strengths, and discover along the way what might be preventing you from using those to live a life that is true to you and your values. I also enjoy bringing in ideas from ACT and somatic experiencing when it feels appropriate. I encourage those I work with to take an active role in therapy in whatever way makes sense to them. 

Want to know more about me? 

As an INFJ and life-long existentialist, I found myself at St. Edward’s where I completed my masters in clinical mental health counseling. I try my best to practice appreciation for the challenges that exist in times of transition and bring many of these ideas into my sessions since we all are, to some extent, always transitioning in life. When I am not practicing, you might find me trying out different food spots, walking on trails, enjoying hobbies like hand needlework, listening to Spotify, and probably thinking too much about life because I am human, too. 

I look forward to meeting and getting to know you. Please reach out if you feel we would be a good fit!

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Starts at $110/hr*

*Actual rates subject to
counsellor openings

Area of Expertise

Warm, Curious, and Accepting 

Anxiety, Depression, Stress & Burnout, Life Transitions 

LGBTQIA+ Affirming, Person-Centered, ACT


Individual Counseling

Works With

Anger Management
Anxiety & Stress
Career Transitions
Chronic Illness
Communication Issues
Conflict Resolution
Death & Dying
Depression/Low Mood
Development Trauma
Exploring Sexuality/Sexual Expression
Gender Identity
Grief & Loss
Identity Development/Exploration
Imposter Syndrome
Inner Critic/Negative Self Talk
Interrupted Sleep/Insomnia
Issues Related to Oppression
Issues with Parents
Life Transitions
Low Self-Esteem
Neurodivergence (ADD/Autism)
Obsessive/Compulsive Tendencies
Personal Growth
Problem Thoughts
Problems at School
Problems at Work
Relationship Issues
Relationship to Food/Body
Substance Use
Troubled Childhood
Troublesome Behaviors

Techniques & Experience

ACT - Values Based Therapy
Anxiety alleviation experience
Career counseling
CBT oriented
DBT trained/informed
Focused on practicing skills
Helpful with mid-20's challenges
IFS (Parts work)
Mindfulness modalities
Practices from an anti-racist lens
SE (Somatic Experiencing)


Active sense of humor
Anxiety alleviation experience
Calm & slow-paced
Enjoys working with first-time therapy clients
Enjoys working with midlife adults
Enjoys working with older adults
Enjoys working with young adults
Friendly & direct
LGBTQIA+ Affirming
Lived experience/Identity affirming
Spiritually sensitive
Warm & caring


Clinical Supervision

Contact Brittany

512-201-4501 ext 340

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