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Grace Turner, LPC Associate

Supervised by Jan C. Shope, LPC-S

Like all work emails, I hope this bio finds you doing well. But since you’re reading therapist bio’s, it’s probably not going as well as you might hope. Whether it’s the social stigma, family stigma, cost barrier, time constraint or something else – chances are it’s taken some bravery and fortitude for you to reach out. 

You’re not alone. Whatever you’re going through, big or small, recent or decades ago, there is hope for healing. Thinking of the big picture, it might feel like all anyone is talking about these days is therapy. I wonder if the move towards mental health counseling is rooted in our intense need for connection. As humans we have evolved in community. What separates us from other species is our ability to work together. I see therapy as the smallest unit of working together – that is, working with ourselves. From the inside out, we work to understand ourselves so that we can understand others. Understanding others so that we can participate meaningfully in the communities we find ourselves in. 

Using peer – reviewed, research – informed practice, we can work together to sort out what’s going on in your life. My approach draws on various disciplines, including humanistic approach, cognitive therapy and systemic theories. Understanding the way colonization has affected the society we live in today can bring liberation for all. In order for our work to be effective and positive, we’ll focus on your strengths to move forward, circle back, retrace, and grow. Let’s get down into the nitty gritty to harness your inner – peace in a way that will stay with you for the long run. 

I got my bachelors in communication at Texas A&M and then wanted an adventure, so I joined Teach for America. Learning about various barriers to education, I became interested in social work, and moved home to Texas to pursue a masters degree. I continued teaching high school while earning my masters degree from University of Houston. I continue to work full time as an elementary school counselor supporting students with social and emotional development and regulation in order to access foundational education. 

I would be honored to work with you. Please reach out to me at 512/201-4501, ext 387. I look forward to hearing from you.

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Starts at $110/hr*

*Actual rates subject to
counsellor openings

Area of Expertise

Existential, CBT, IFS, mindfulness, and person-centered

Anxiety, Depression, Trauma, Personal Growth/Exploration, and Sports Performance

Open-minded, Humorous, Warm, and Calm



Individual Counseling



Works With

Academic Pressure
Anger Management
Anxiety & Stress
Career Transitions
Communication Issues
Conflict Resolution
Depression/Low Mood
Development Trauma
Grief & Loss
Identity Development/Exploration
Inner Critic/Negative Self Talk
Issues with Parents
Life Transitions
Low Self-Esteem
Personal Growth
Problem Thoughts
Problems at Work
Relationship Issues
Social Skills Development
Sports Performance
Troubled Childhood

Techniques & Experience

CBT oriented
IFS (Parts work)
Mindfulness modalities


Active sense of humor
Calm & slow-paced
Enjoys working with first-time therapy clients
Enjoys working with midlife adults
Enjoys working with older adults
Enjoys working with young adults
Warm & caring


Clinical Supervision

Contact Grace

512-201-4501 ext 387

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