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Our Story

Co-founders Ellen Lindsey and Danielle Hayes officed together for many years before conceiving of and launching Therapy Austin in 2012. Sharing a social work background, they have collaborated on many cases, trained jointly, and brainstormed ways to improve post-graduate training for new clinicians. Over the course of their professional relationship, they discovered that their styles are complementary and their career goals compatible.    

Once they became certified clinical supervisors, they set out to launch an agency that would be a rich training ground for promising new counselors and a resource for affordable and accessible services in our community. Therapy Austin has been providing high-quality mental health services to adults and couples in the Austin area ever since, growing from a staff of three to over a hundred. 

Staying true to our mission, we designed our services to be affordable and flexible allowing our clients to be in control of their mental health journey. The Therapy Austin staff is hand-picked from the finest of Austin’s counseling and social work graduates. We have a selective hiring process and invest heavily in ongoing training and mentoring of our counselors, ensuring our clients receive top notch care from a diverse network of skilled professionals.

In 2022, the founders of Therapy Austin transferred their ownership to Direct Counseling Services LLC. This is an exciting shift for the agency, bringing in much needed back-end support and expanding professional tracks for our staff. We continue to operate under the name of Therapy Austin, reflecting our ongoing and unchanging commitment to our clients and staff. 

We would be honoured to be a part of your story. Connect with one of our therapists today!

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