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You know you are suffering and everything you have tried so far hasn’t worked. You want help. You keep having the same kinds of experiences over and over again and you are baffled as to how to break the cycle. You know you’ve got some baggage, but you’re not sure what all is in there or how much it’s really weighing you down. You hear other people talk about counselling, maybe you’ve even tried therapy before. You’re considering it now. You found your way to the Therapy Austin website. What next?  What can you even hope for here?

Meeting with one of our therapists weekly, you will form a relationship with someone who validates your experience and your perspective and is committed to helping you find ways out of your current stuck habits. They will listen intently and come to know you and your story in a meaningful way. Your counselor will help you look at experiences from childhood, become aware of your current patterns of thought and behaviour, help you identify what gets in your way of living your life the way you want to, and will challenge you to change and grow.

Your therapist will be caring and will create a private space for you, outside of your current system, a space where it is safe to explore yourself. They will give you their full attention and reflect back to you what they hear and see. They will offer you some perspectives you don’t currently have, they will see things that are in your blind spots and will gently show them to you.

Your counselor knows some things you don’t yet know and they will use that knowledge to challenge you, to help you to heal and grow. Your therapist is dedicated to helping you be your best self, the self you want to be.

Services range from $110 to $175 per session.

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Meet Our Individual Counselors

Hello! My name is Abigail (Abby) Moore and I’m so glad you’ve taken that first step towards healing. It can be challenging to take that first step and reach out for help whether it’s due to social stigma, family stigma, cost barrier, time constraint or other barriers, chances are it’s taken some bravery and fortitude for you to reach out.  In our work together it’s important to me to emphasiz...
Abigail "Abby" Moore, LMSW
Like all work emails, I hope this bio finds you doing well. But since you’re reading therapist bio’s, it’s probably not going as well as you might hope. Whether it’s the social stigma, family stigma, cost barrier, time constraint or something else – chances are it’s taken some bravery and fortitude for you to reach out.  You’re not alone. Whatever you’re going through, big or small, rec...
Grace Turner, LPC Associate
Welcome to Therapy Austin! Thanks for checking out my page.  I believe our human emotional experience is vital. Anger can tell us when a boundary is crossed, anxiety can tell us when we need more information, happiness can tell us when our needs are met… We’re often taught that some emotions are good, and some are bad. It’s easy to let ourselves have some feelings, but what happens when we ha...
Joslyn Ridgely, LPC
Senior Consuleor
Welcome!  Congratulations on taking a significant step towards getting to know yourself at a deeper level. This journey is all about you. Life can be complicated and difficult to thrive in, especially for those who experience challenges within themselves and from outside sources. It can leave you feeling broken and stuck. As someone who has experienced trauma and the subsequent internal strug...
Tara Stewart, LMSW
Senior Consuleor
You’ve probably been considering this step for a while, so kudos for being here! Here’s the deal: Life is hard, and full of problems interfering with where you want to be. Whether you’re feeling stuck, struggling through a difficult time, or just need a change, you’re here because you could use some extra help in finding your way. If you’re ready to take the next step toward a be...
Rudy Garza, LPC Associate
How do you want your life to look? Who do you want your future self to be? We will explore this together and create the life you want to live. If your parent and/or past partners were Narcissists, I am here to help. Whether you have been through abuse, neglect, experience depression and anxious thoughts, I can help you navigate through the difficulty and find hope.  If you have experienced ho...
Emily Phelps, LPC Associate

When we talk about our feelings, they become less overwhelming, less upsetting, and less scary. – Fred Rogers

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