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Therapy Austin

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Why Choose Therapy Austin?

Locations All Over Austin

We believe beautiful, comfortable, interesting spaces are integral to mental health. Our offices in North, Central, and South Austin reflect that philosophy. If you prefer to be in your own space, no problem! We offer teletherapy, too.

Flexible Hours, Nights and Weekends

Standard office hours don’t accommodate all clients’ schedules. It’s important to us to offer appointments times that are convenient for you, so we have counselors available early mornings to later in the evenings every day of the week.

Highly Trained, Professional Counselors

Excellent counseling services require well-trained providers. Our mission is to cultivate compassionate, curious, clinically astute practitioners who give you their best. To ensure you get the quality mental health treatment you deserve, we are dedicated to providing ongoing professional and clinical training to all of our counselors.

Local Business and Woman-Owned!

You won’t get that with the latest fad of text-your-therapist-anytime nationwide providers. We are a large and local counseling agency that has intentionally avoided getting gobbled up by out-of-town investors. Therapy Austin was founded by two Austin therapists who are passionate about providing excellent client care to the people in our community and about teaching other therapists how to do the same.

Our Fees Flex, Too

As a private pay agency, it’s important to us to offer our clients some options when it comes to fees. Austin is a diverse community and while many clients can readily afford full-fee sessions, others need a discount. We are proud to be able to accommodate discounts for a majority of our clients and prouder still that this sharing economy is celebrated and sustainable in our agency.

We Won’t Ghost You

It’s a city-wide problem. People seeking help make dozens of calls to Austin counselors and never hear back from anyone. At Therapy Austin, you are guaranteed a response. We have a large staff and an advanced matching system. Your request will be assigned to the Staff Counselor who best meets your parameters at the time. Even if we don’t have what you are looking for because of fee, service, or time constraints, you will still get a call back with appropriate referrals. 

Sun logo representing Therapy Austin's individual therapy for adults and teens in Austin TX

Meet Your Perfect Match

Skip the guessing game and let us find the counselor best-suited to your needs.

The counseling you are seeking is unique to you, so not just any counselor can meet your needs. At Therapy Austin, we strive to make the best client-counselor matches we can. Use the advanced filters on the top of the Counselors page to find your own best match. Or, let us find the counselor best-suited to your needs. With the information you share, we apply a specialized algorithm developed to ensure you are connected with the professional who offers what you need, when you need it.


Person accessing Therapy Austin's Mental health services with affordable fees.

Fill out our secure, online request form and tell us exactly what you are looking for.

Our comprehensive, HIPAA-compliant request form lets you specify what issues you are experiencing, what type of counselor you prefer, when you are available, and more. This helps us find your match.


Image representing Therapy Austin's Heart centered culture in Austin TX.

Our proprietary technology will analyze your specifications and identify your top matches.

Our cutting-edge algorithm will cross examine your requests with our counselors profiles to match you with your ideal counselor.

Image of therapist in Therapy Austin promoting authentic change with clinically astute counselors in Austin, TX.

Our dedicated client services concierge will review and approve each match.

We may live in Austin, but technology isn’t perfect! This is why we review every single match before officially assigning your counselor. Our awesome Client Services admin, Mel, evaluates top matches and selects your top choice.


Work with a Counseling Intern

Hey there Austin, we’re here for you!

This shape represents the ways teen mental health is supported in teen counseling at Therapy Austin

You Belong at Therapy Austin

At Therapy Austin we believe every voice matters. We are devoted to creating, maintaining and supporting a heart-centered, relational, and inclusive culture where authentic change and healing can occur. We are committed to being curious about ourselves and our clients in an ongoing way, to having the hard conversations, and to using what we learn in ways that engender equity and inclusion for both our clients and our counselors.

It is our mission to make high-quality private-pay therapy more accessible in Austin by offering a range of fee options, easy-to-navigate request matching services at no cost to the client, and extended hours outside the 9-5 norm. We are also dedicated to training and mentoring our counselors into compassionate, curious, clinically astute practitioners with the experience, skills and depth of knowledge we believe every client deserves.

A Hello From Some of Our Counselors

Hello and Welcome!  Starting or restarting therapy is a brave task. Often we are stuck and need help – and that’s exactly what therapy is for! Whatever you have to bring to session is never too little or too much. We can work on whatever it is you choose. Your experiences and stories are of great interest to me.  Your plan for moving forward can look variously – and we work on this and d...
Curtis "Curt" Reese, LPC Associate
Hello! I’m Joleen. Going to therapy should be a meaningful and fulfilling experience. When you walk into the room you should feel comfortable to open up about any issues you are experiencing. In our time together we will laugh, cry, have break throughs and find solutions. We will build our therapeutic relationship on trust, humor, and vulnerability.  I have worked with teens who have st...
Joleen Mireles, LPC Associate
Life can be challenging, yet you’re determined to achieve a better future. You may not know exactly what those barriers are or how you want your future to look, and that’s okay!  I’m Gabriela, but you can call me “Gaby.” Together, we’ll explore what’s important to you, develop practical strategies to enhance your life, and share a laugh along the way. Drawing fro...
Gabriela "Gaby" Reyna-Ortega, LPC Associate
I understand the overwhelming weight that anxiety can place on your shoulders, especially when it comes to navigating your emotions, identity, and relationships. If you find yourself in a battle with your own mind, craving security but feeling lost on how to grasp it, know that you’re not alone. Maybe there’s a part of you that wants to explore these challenging emotions but you’re unsure or...
Rachel Vecchio, LPC Associate
You are not alone if you feel afraid of opening up to someone about what you feel and think. You may be feeling stuck, lonely, anxious, or ashamed. My hope is that we approach your emotions with care, curiosity, genuineness, and humor. I enjoy creating a comfortable, supportive, and safe environment that allows you to bring the walls down. I want to know what it feels like to be you; all the compl...
Bethanee Tovar, LPC Associate
Hello and welcome!  I’ve been where you are now and understand the courage and vulnerability it takes to seek support. Thank you for taking the time to explore what connecting with me may be like. I’m glad you’re here!  I was twenty-something when life taught me strong relationships are the key to health and well-being. Neuroscience has proven this true and we now know ...
Jennifer Fike, LPC Associate
Hi, I’m Addison! My hope is that therapy can be a place where you can exhale and feel like you don’t have to walk through life’s challenges alone. All emotions and parts of yourself—the messy, broken, chaotic, and scared—are welcome here. I will meet you where you are at with a friendly and warm presence. My goal is for you to experience more self-compassion and confidence in being your authentic ...
Addison Browne, LPC Associate
Hi there!  I am glad you found your way to my page today. Reaching out for help is the first and often one of the hardest steps in the therapeutic journey, so recognize the strength it took to explore counselors today. Whether you are struggling with mental health symptoms or relationship issues, I hope to be someone who can walk beside you and empower your abilities.  As a therapist, I ...
Danielle Ostos, LPC Associate
It’s not easy to prioritize yourself in this busy world, but here you are. Whether you’re considering therapy to address or specific problem area or simply want to understand yourself better, I’m glad you’re here.  Therapy is a dynamic process that involves both healing and creation. In session, you can process your past experiences and apply the lessons learned to create the vision of who yo...
Elizabeth "Liz" Denny, LPC Associate

When we talk about our feelings, they become less overwhelming, less upsetting, and less scary. – Fred Rogers

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